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Favorite Sites for Writers

Site Name URL (Web Page Address)
ASJA (American Society of Journalists & Authors)
Media Bistro
Poynter Online
Writers Guild of America
Writer's Digest
Writer's Weekly
Wooden Horse Publishing

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Newsletters & Blogs for Writers

Site Name URL (Web Page Address)
Funds for Writers
The Renegade Writer Blog
Writer's Weekly
Working Writers
Wooden Horse Publishing News Alert

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Discussion Boards for Writers

Site Name URL (Web Page Address)
Freelance Writers
WritersNet Forum Forum
Writers Write Forum

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Reference Tools for Writers

Site Name URL (Web Page Address)
ComputerEase Search Tools List
Poynter's 50 Writing Tools
Mass Answers
NY Public Library

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Freelancing Resources for Writers

Site Name URL (Web Page Address)
About's Freelance Writers Page
Craig's List
Funds for Writers
Magazine Guidelines Database

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Site Name URL (Web Page Address)
About's Ghostwriting Page
CustomLine.Com Ghostwriting
Ghostwriter Agreement
Ghostwriting For You
Ghostwriting, Unlimited, Inc.
PMA Collaboration Contract
Professional Fee Guidelines (Canada
Reality Check for Authors
Stephen R Clark Get Ghostwriting!
The Ethics of Ghostwriting
Writer's Market: How Much Should I Charge?
Writers Union of Canada - Ghostwriting Services

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Other Resources for Writers

Site Name URL (Web Page Address)
AdBriefing Hot Tips for Sales Copy
Barb Chandler's The Write Stuff
(list of links)
Building Buzz (
Cool Stuff for Writers
Review Copy Helper
Press Release Writing
The Everyday People's Guide to Writing a Novel
Writers News Syndicator
Writers Store's Links for Writers
(list of links)

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